The Pyramid of Khufu

The famous Pyramid of the Pharoah Khufu (Greek = Cheops), for hundreds of years the tallest man-made structure on the planet and still the most massive,  is a metaphysical symbol for all mankind. It tells the story of the soul descending into the lower planes and its progression upward to gain the highest peak of perfection. To truly grasp the significance of this structure we must understand that the soul must progress through the lower physical, astral, and mental planes of the manifest world. Each of these has a different rate of vibration.

The Buddhic plane is the first manifest plane that is experienced by the soul when it begins its descent from the highest planes to the lowest physical, dense plane. It is this plane that we will occupy when we have given up interest in expressing in a material form. The causal body resides on the Buddhic plane and retains all the truth learned through many incarnations of the soul. It is a temple that is gradually built, but not made with hands. It is constructed thought by thought with awareness of eternal truths. It is embellished with a unique expression of spiritual qualities by the individual.

This is the plane of Ascended Masters, who are involved in helping humanity make its ascension. When we have attained a consciousness of pure wisdom and perfect love we will reside in this Buddhic rate of vibration and will do our particular work to bring all of humanity into this vibratory pattern of mind. From there, we will eventually occupy even the higher planes, but that is far ahead in our evolution.

Once this progression from the lower planes to the higher is understood, the story of the pyramid is obvious (see diagram below). The entrance leads to the lowest and densest level in our system. Here there is no light Intelligent thinking ability and the soul is limited in this darkness but eventually rises to the pathway above that leads to the queen’s chamber. This chamber represents the feeling, emotional nature as it is developed and gradually begins to be controlled by the soul. This same nature is symbolized by Eve in Genesis. It is the desire nature which is necessary for progress and without it there would be no expression in form. It must not be allowed to operate without wisdom and the soul through experience learns to control its desire nature.

From the queen’s chamber, the soul is drawn upward along a steep and strenuous pathway but through effort gains entrance into pharoah's chamber. This chamber represents our thinking ability through which trial and error work to develop wisdom in the soul. Now the soul has achieved control over the emotional, feminine nature and also the thought realm so that the higher mentality of abstract ideas can be understood. At this point the male and female natures of the soul are working together, intertwined and balanced. It is time for transcendence of the material existence into the spiritual purity and excellence of the Buddhic plane.

This transcendence is symbolized by the sarcophagus of pharoah in this chamber. Pharoah of course, is one who has the power and dominion and rules supreme over the lower realm of physical laws. This is the dominion promised to mankind in the Creation Story of Genesis.
In recent years, another chamber has been discovered in the pyramid. It had been blocked by a large stone. this chamber is the one that is shown in the apex of the triangular pyramid. This represents the plane that lies even beyond and above the Buddhic. It is called the "Atmic," and is in the higher cosmic realm of vibration. So we see the blueprint for the evolution of love and wisdom in mankind in illustrated in this ancient symbol of the pyramid. It is truly, a remarkable diagram of our destiny.

The Sphinx, with the Great Pyramid in the distance