Interview with Evita Ochel, September 2012

Interview, April 2012

                         How do we fit into the moving energies of the Universe?

We are more than we appear to be!

We exist because of creative laws. How do we learn what they are and where do we find them?  Some say that science reveals them; true, but as yet, not all of them.  They can be found as we learn to understand how to read symbols.  Leonardo da Vinci symbolized the nature of man; the meaning is timeless.

An exploration of the invisible realms, esoteric ideas through metaphysics, philosophies and current scientific theories will appear on this website and be available to you without cost.  My purpose is to share what I have learned with those who want to know what is in our future.   Learning and sharing truth is an exciting adventure that brings new enthusiasm for life, peace of mind, and heartfelt love for the plan designed for humanity.  What is it?  Find out here.

You will see my book, The Secret Triangle of Life, Death, and Evolution, pictured and described at this website, which is the forerunner for everything else I teach to my students. It explains the source of all laws and why everything must act accordingly.  It will give you a good background and widen your understanding for any ideas on this website that may be new to you.


A Gift to My Thoughtful and Mindful Friends!

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